About me

Dear visitor,

thanks for taking a minute to visit my photography site

Sometimes it’s time to start something different | different to what you do in your normal life

Take a minute and stop | capture a moment of your view | take a breath  
Follow your thoughts | memorizing it | keep it in your heart  

Photography makes it happen | It may explain what you see  
with your eyes | it may give some insights | into you | out of you   
to your point of view | your emotions

Or it may just be your playground | looking for the unexpected

I'm only a private photographer | some may call it ambitious | others talented

At the end it's only my point of view | it may not be yours 
All views and perceptions are absolutely personal | yours and mine  
and this is perfect 
Judge yourself | see what you want to see | it’s you

Enjoy looking around and leave me a feedback if you like

Kindest Regards,


  1. I liked your page and added you on my circle Photography

    1. Dear José Carlos,
      thanks a lot for your kind comments! I am happy that you added me! Will do the same! Have a good start into the week! Kind Regards,

  2. Congratulations, Nice photo blog Christian!
    Wished it was in wordpress so I can follow you there.

  3. Wonderful work and insightful website Christian. I wish you all the best. Yuval Shiboli, Urban.Envisioned.


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